New Paper on Glass Frog Parental Care

This week a new paper appeared in the journal Ethology based on work that my students and I have been conducting on the Tobago glass frog (Hyalinobatrachium orientale). In this paper, Sara Green (current Wooster senior), Jessica Pringle (Wooster class of ’13) and I report on the adaptive value of male parental care in these frogs and how the form and function of this behavior changes seasonally. This was the result of three field seasons of work on the island of Tobago and incorporated data from Sara and Jessica’s undergraduate theses. Follow up studies are planned this coming summer to further examine variation in parental care in this species and also to investigate how females choose mates. Stay tuned for more revelations on the natural history of this handsome and interesting frog!


Lehtinen, R.M., S.E. Green and J.L. Pringle. 2014. Impacts of paternal care and seasonal change on offspring survival: A multi-season experimental study of a Caribbean frog. Ethology 120: 400-409.