New Book on Amphibians of Ohio Published

In December 2013, the Ohio Biological Survey published a massive tome on the amphibians of Ohio. This volume (899 pages!) covers all 40 species of frogs and salamanders to be found in the state. There are also sections on the history of herpetology in Ohio, habitats to find amphibians, taxonomic keys, amphibian conservation and other important topics. This is a very timely and significant contribution as it assesses the current state of our knowledge of these animals and indicates where significant gaps in our understanding remain. It is also a very attractive volume with lots of fabulous photographs.


I was fortunate enough to contribute one chapter to this excellent book (on the pickerel frog). This book will be the standard reference for these organisms in Ohio and adjacent states for many, many years. Kudos to the editors for a job well done and to the Ohio Biological Survey for supporting this important work!